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Health unlimited lifestyle
Wealth can guarantee the quality of life, and having a healthy body is the basic condition for enjoying wealth.
Health... It is not an easy task. It is closely related to your concept of life and living conditions.
We are living in a highly polluted environment and we try to avoid the harm caused by it.
The harm caused by pollution to our health can be treated but there is no prevention.
The entire world seems helpless. Under this premise, GTA provides solutions to expand the beauty and well-being of your life.


Creating a professional health service platform for consumers, companies and society
At GTA, we advocate improving the status quo of pollution affecting health issues, encouraging consumers to do healthy things and working to help more people to develop a better life. With a more healthy body, we create a win-win situation for consumers, companies and society.


We strive to build a better future by educating the public and distributing more health-conscious knowledge.


GTA always has a grateful heart to help those in need to have a healthier life.


The family is the smallest unit of social development. A harmonious family is the cornerstone of happiness in life. It also means that everyone practices tolerance, communication, understanding, contribution, and selfless love in their own family. GTA supports the caring for others, starting with caring for the people around us, taking GTA as a family unit in itself. We strive to make all members of our family healthy by promoting close relationships, and giving each family the power to unite.


Through humble beginnings, Chairperson Ms. Judy Foo spent 30 years working her way through the fashion industry, accumulating countless business experiences in the process. The culmination of her experiences is what led to the establishment of GTA, the simple idea of redefining Health & Love through the lens of the market.

Ms. Judy Foo



There are still many people in the world who need your help. We are committed to working closely with all GTA distributors. Our active focus is on the health of the globally disadvantaged and to protect the lives of the people who need help from different charities around the global.

Flash Floods kill 18 in southern Thailand

Flash floods kill 18 in southern Thailand

Heavy downpours and flooding ravages southern provinces with more than 700,000 affected in January 2017. Our water truck and GTA members were the first on the scene to distribute drinking water - Many officials and local government officials from the Long Thong Province and Amphur Bang Sapaen - at Prachuabkirikan came to receive the supplies and helped distribute among the villagers. We not only distributed clean water but also medical supplies to those in need. We GTA members intended to travel to Pattanni, Had Yai, Pattalong, Nakorn Srithammarat, Surat Thani but the bridge was flooded and damaged so we could only distribute at the nearest point. Our members also cooked and prepared foods for the villagers who homes were damaged and seriously affected by the floods.

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To create a professional health service platform for consumers, companies, and society.